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Nutella Cafe activation - 2S

Nutella Cafe Chicago - 2S

Role: Lead environmental designer


As part of the Second Story team, I was responsible for the physical design of the Nutella Cafe activation in Chicago. Before the café opened its doors in downtown Chicago, we had an unprecedented opportunity to drum up excitement about this innovative retail experience.

First, we activated the construction site with mysterious silhouettes to pique curiosity and keep everyone guessing about the future of the space. Once news of the Nutella Café became public, we used six experience-driven window installations to announce the grand opening. With cheerful illustrations, dynamic displays, and clever copy, each whimsical window offered a sneak-peek into the sweet surprises one can only find at this delicious destination.

Over three weeks, we surprised, delighted, and engaged excited Nutella fans while SapientRazorfish’s wider social activation helped millions more spread the happy online.

Nutella Cafe activation - 2S

Nutella Cafe activation - 2S